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Springbok Crypto was created by a team of like minded individuals who are dedicated to developing useful products for the ever-evolving crypto space. Our first project, the Springboks Wallet Tracker is already available to the public and has launched alongside our Springbucks token, which was created as a means of funding and improving our current project and future endeavours. 

We chose to focus on the Binance Smart Chain first for its extremely quick transactions speed and lower gas fees, as well as it being an emerging space for DApps and its recent burst in popularity where our products could really make a difference. 

We do however plan on expanding to other blockchains eventually and have big plans ahead of us, from deploying a smart contract voting system, where the more tokens you stake the bigger the voting power you have on new features, all the way to running our own BSC node giving the ability to build a real time data analytics platform that will power our current and future products. 

We hope you find the following content regarding the purpose of Springbok Crypto informative and want to thank you for reading!

Our Products

Springbok Wallet Tracker

As regular traders on the BSC ourselves, we quickly found it difficult to keep track of all our assets. From tokens, profit/ losses, transaction inflow/ outflow, gas fees; the list goes on. As such we decided to develop the Springbok Wallet Tracker, a tool that automatically keeps track of all your assets in one place. Simply give it a wallet address and everything else will be done for you. Try it out here: ……..

What makes Springbok Wallet Tracker especially unique is its ability to track ANY wallet on the BSC in near real time. This gives you the ability to not only track your own MULTIPLE wallets in one place but also any other wallets, whether it be a whale or a dev wallet, both of which have an influence on any token you might have invested in.

Currently in beta, we envision this product as the go to wallet tracker on the BSC (more blockchains to be supported in the future), providing quick, readable, accurate overviews on anything you could possibly need.

  • Real Time inflow/ outflow -history of all your transactions
  • Fiat Currency Conversion - see your income in any fiat currency, not just USD
  • Real Time profit / losses - see your profits and loses for each token
  • Tracks ANY wallet as long as you have the address - from your own wallets to whales and devs
  • Store multiple wallets in one place - seamlessly flick through multiple wallets with the wallet menu, it just takes one click
  • Automatic Token Detection - Tokens are automatically imported, no need to enter them manually.
  • Mobile Friendly - Easily track your wallets on our mobile friendly app without having to risk connecting your wallets on the browser

What makes us different from any other wallet tracker?

When we began working on this project we soon realised there were not many BSC centrist wallet trackers, which was our gap in the market. After searching at what was around, we quickly noticed that there have been key features missing such as the ability to track wallets in more fiat currencies than USD, the ability to easily navigate between multiple wallets, automatic token detection and inflow/outflow of transactions. We have ensured that these are core features of our app.

Premium Features

The initial version of the product is completely free for everyone to use, however we do have a mixture of free and premium features in the pipeline which will be released over time. Some of these include:

  • Track a wallets NFTs
  • More detailed analytics for each of your wallets (e.g. Gas Fees)
  • Fully customisable notifications set up to your devices for any token in a wallet, whether that be your own or a whale you wish to track
  • Customisable goals for your wallet
  • Customisable Risk Management
  • Themes
  • and many more!

    You will not have to pay a flat fee for your premium, instead we plan to offer premium features depending on a tiered system, where the amount of our token that is added to the liquidity pool will unlock tiers for various premium features.

    This was decided over just holding the token mainly due to liquidity, by staking tokens our users will be rewarded for buying our token while also bringing stability to our price action with liquidity in the pool, which creates a win-win scenario for everyone.

    The direction of our products will also be directed by another premium feature, which will be the ability to participate in our smart contract based voting system.

    Voting System

    Our voting system will allow users to vote on new features for our products, we will release a list of features that will then be voted for by the community, the higher your premium tier the more votes you get, giving people incentive to stake more Springbucks.

    We want our products to be community driven, and giving users the ability to vote for what comes next is a core part of this. We carefully considered how to reward users who had staked more tokens than others, without giving too much power over to the few with more tokens than everyone else, overall keeping the voting system fair but rewarding.

    More details on this feature will be released closer to the time of its release.

    Future products

    We will not be limited to just the wallet tracker, as our team grows and our wallet tracker is at a place we want it to be, we will be releasing even more useful products for our loyal userbase. This will be achievable because of everyone HODLing Springbucks. Keep an eye on our socials for future announcements and get an insight into our vision in “The Vision” section.

    The Token

    Why a token?

    Launching a token alongside our BSC DApps just made complete sense as we have a solid use case that the token will provide funding for without having to charge for our products. By a combination of simply holding and providing liquidity our userbase can take advantage of making money whilst making their time in the crypto space easier with our products. We strongly believe that the token should never be the main selling point, but instead a compliment that provides funding and longevity to projects, which will always remain a core part of the Springbok Crypto team.


    Our presale will have a hard cap of 150 BNB and a softcap of 75 BNB at a rate of 1 BNB for X SPRINGBUCKS. The minimum purchase amount will be 0.1 BNB and a max of 1 BNB per wallet. This will result in a minimum of x % of the total supply being in the presale and a max of x %. For any % that is unfulfilled this will be part of the initial burn. Following a successful presale we will burn 25 % + any remaining percent from the presale, and lock 80% of the presale bnb into liquidity.


    Each transaction will have an 8% tax, where 4% is redistributed amongst holders proportionate to how many tokens they hold, and 4% is burned permanently. This encourages an ever increasing price floor, as the destruction of tokens thins the supply making it deflationary, where each single token becomes more valuable.

    We will have two wallets, the first being the dev wallet. This will be used exclusively to fund everything from future projects to marketing. This will never be used for personal use, and the withdrawal from this wallet will be consistently small on a rolling basis to the total we need to avoid price dumps.

    The founders wallet is for the founders of the Springbok Crypto team, and will be locked for X months, each member of the team will get equal share of the wallet. Each and every one of us has worked incredibly hard on this project, day, night and weekends alongside full time jobs. The intended use of this wallet will be as a potential way to cover each team members outgoings to dedicate more time to Springbok Crypto in the future.

    • 4% burn
    • 4% redistribution
    • 5% dev wallet
    • 3% founders wallet
    • x% DX Sale with x % locked (DX sale link here)
    • x% burned
    • x% in circulation


    Most of us have been subject to a rugpull, a horrible feeling that we do not wish upon anyone in the crypto space. This is why we have launched our app alongside our token, so there is no second guessing whether we are serious about what we promise to deliver. Dev wallets are scary, but unfortunately nothing is free and we need to fund our projects to be able to make them what we truly envision them to be. This is why we aim to be as transparent as possible. Both our dev wallet and founders wallet will be easy to view in our Springbok Wallet Tracker app, when adding a wallet they will have their own dedicated buttons, removing the need for users to find the wallet address.

    We also aim to host regular AMAs which will be hosted on either our Telegram, Discord or Twitch. That way you can ask us any questions or let us know of any concerns. If you have any questions any other time we are always available on all of our social media or you can email us at: info@springbokcrypto.com

    We are currently underway on getting our contract audited so that you can be rest assured that our contract is safe. We will provide more details on this as it progresses.

    The Vision

    The initial release of Springbok Portfolio Manager is just the beginning. We have plans already in motion to build our own real time data analytics platform for the BSC smart chain. This will allow us to greatly improve our wallet tracker, being completely in control of what data we can provide and what features we can develop. It will also allow us to expand into more even ambitious projects, which for now will remain a secret. We are also not limited to the Binance Smart Chain, and are actively looking into expanding to other blockchains with Smart Contract functionality as we speak, with some ambitious ideas that could disrupt the crypto space.

    Creatives, we have not forgotten about you either, we understand how much potential the crypto space has for you and are looking into ways we can provide a better platform for you. If you wish to work with us, whether that be NFTs, music, graphic design, videography, animation, new ideas or anything else do not hesitate to get in contact by emailing info@springbokcrypto.comwith the subject “Creative”.